Avni Musliu, CPA

Mr. Musliu is Partner, Audit, and Advisory

Mr. Musliu is Certified Auditor by SCAAK, and Certified Statutory Auditor by KKRF.

Mr. Musliu holds a Diploma from Prishtina University with a concentration in Finance and Banking.

Mr. Musliu is SCAAK member.

Prior to joining the Nexia Kosova, for over 20 years Mr. Musliu has been working for the local business in retail in the position of chief executive officer for several companies. Furthermore, for over 14 years, Mr. Musliu has been auditing and advising financial, commercial, and public sector entities in Kosovo. He has done so initially as an independent statutory auditor and subsequently through Nexia Kosova shpk for more than 10 years. In addition, Mr. Musliu has provided general management and leadership services as well in the areas of Audit, Risk Management, Accounting, and Business reorganization, etc.